Future computer, Microsoft / IDSA PC Design Competition

We have all too long lived with large and clumsy ways of storing and organizing information. The new paradim is to design from the user’s point of view and not from the technology. The tool should be so obvious like it was transparent for the user’s work flow.

D-pen (Digital pen) is all about bringing the written communication back to the hands of the people. The user-friendly pen is a result of combining the well-tested traditional pen with the latest computer and communication technology.

The D-pen is fully functional computer with extensive communication capabilities. The focus is not in speed or capacity but in ease of use. The pen is optimized to the future way of working where we store and share our content on the internet. D-pen’s technology is inspired by the gadget and mobile phone market. Using technologies especially pushed by the development in the nano field.

The pen consists of a main unit and Option-cap. The main unit holds the pressure sensitive pen, a small projector and the computer. The detachable Option-cap can be hold in the second hand and contains a number of option buttons, a camera and a microphone. The pen is fully covered by solar cellars.

Working with the pressure sensitive pen is not only a very fast, but also very gently to the users arm and hand. Combining the pen with the use of option buttons on the Option-cap increases the speed. By incorporating strokes to the GUI the workflow could be optimized even more.

The screen is projected on to the surface you are writing on. By counter tracking the movement, the screen appears to be stuck to the surface. The location of the cursor are offset to allow navigation to both sides, without being covered by the pen itself.


By communicating with the nearby computer components, D-pen interacts with whatever options are available. If the desktop is covered with a computer screen, you are given the option to switch the projection off and work on the screen instead. To choose a printer is done simply by pointing at it. In this way D-pen is very handy in presentations.

The detachable Option-cap is small and easy to use when capturing images, video or sound. It can be hold by the inactive hand where it allow use of the option buttons.