New Valer Church, Norway

Valers former church (now burned down) was the naturally center of the original cemetery. The cemetery of today occupy a wast area as a result of expansions. Unlike the original cemetery, It features several entrances and is divided in different section with varius elevation. This new situation calls for a different way of reading the landscape. The new church is accessed from many directions and and the raised base with its overview of the landscape makes it visible from any location in the cemetery and the highway as well. Its centrally located and incorporated in to the existing grid of the cemetery.

The base of the new church consist of a number of secondary rooms placed around the main church room. The main church room is enclosed by a large vertical roof which clearly defines the central space of the church. The tall roof reaches for the sky like a tower and is shaped  as a reintepretation of the fire embracing the original church tower. In this way the new church bridges the past and the future. The main room has a classical east west layout with side aisles doubling as meeting room and sacristy.


 The church is constructed from local sustainable materials in line with the traditional churches in this region. The base is shaped by wooden beams, much like the traditional beam houses, but in a more modern precise version and painted with a combination off linsey oil and tonkin lacquer. The roof structure is also constructed in wood and cladded by slates. It holds a ventilation tower which naturally ventilate and reuse the heat from the church by means of solar pannels.